White Agate Druzy Statement Necklace

About the product

Carved by the world renowned Dieter Lorenz, one of the top names in contemporary gem carving, this beautiful pendant is fixed in a simple dial claw set of Sterling Silver. With subtle golden and black flecks in the drusy which sparkle gently in the light, Alistair R worked to showcase the beauty of the natural material; maintaining a simplicity in the setting and hanging of the stone, which is hung on a multi strand cable consisting of a 18 Carat White and Yellow Gold strands.  The stone has a diameter of 52mm and weighs 30gm (set). Each necklace is 42cm in length

About the stone

In geology, druzy (or sometimes spelt Drusy) refers to the fine coating of crystals which naturally occur inside a rocks fractured surface. Generally it is possible to find druzy gemstones in a place where water can collect and evaporate on the rock. It has a beautiful sparkling appearance due to the tiny crystals, and is much prized by jewellers. Agate is the birthstone for the Gemini horoscope, and is thought by some to bring peace and stability.

About the package

Supplied in a custom made black leather case embossed with our Infinity logo.