How To Wear a Lapel Pin

Published June 23, 2020

How To Wear a Lapel Pin

Lapel pins are an accessory that have had a major resurgence in popularity recently. While undoubtedly a great way to add some extra panache to an outfit, there are a few rules to adhere to to ensure you hit the right note


  1. Colour Matching

Pick a lapel pin that compliments your tie, cufflinks or any other accessories you're thinking of wearing. So for example, a pink tie will work well with a pink lapel pin. Or perhaps your tie is blue with some pink dots, in which case you could go with either a pink or blue. Cream or grey lapel pins are fabulously neutral and will work with almost everything. If you are wearing a jacket that has a pattern in it such as a light check you can also match to the colour of this.

Lapis Lazuli Lapel Pin | Barrow | £125


 Mother of Pearl Lapel Pin | Bourn | £95


2. Positioning

Lapel pins (or a lapel flower or anything similar) go on the left lapel. That's your left when you are wearing the jacket, so on the right as someone looks at you.

Two sub points here too:

  • If your jacket has a button hole you can use it to pop the lapel pin through. Use sticky tape or catch the fabric on the back of the lapel with the pin to ensure the stick doesn't rotate around and show to the side of your lapel

 Labradorite Lapel Pin | Cairn | £95

  • If the jacket doesn't have a button hole use the sharp end of the pin to fix to the front face of the lapel, taking care to follow the line of the lapel to keep things looking sharp. As long as you are careful and don't catch any threads, any small holes from your lapel pin will disappear as soon as you remove the pin.

     Connemara Marble Lapel Pin | Cairn | £95


    3. Avoid Over-accessorising

    A cautionary tale. Accessories are the best way to help up the ante with colour and detail. The suit acting just as a well fitting frame to all the action. But go a step too far and it can all end up looking a little overdone...not the look most men aspire to! A few tips to help you avoid this pitfall:

    • Of the various accessorising options for the upper part of your outfit (Tie, Pocket Square, Lapel Pin, Braces, Tie Clips etc) we recommend picking two. So a tie and pocket square, or lapel pin and tie. Use complimentary colours or go for a playful contrast. 
    • Match your lapel pin to your cufflinks and other accessories - colours, patterns and tones.
    • Stick to one metal - a gold tie pin and silver lapel pin are not happy partners!
    So there we have it. We'd love to see your outfits, so tag us on social media @AlistairRJewellery to share.