Ladies Cufflinks

Published June 29, 2020

Ladies Cufflinks

Here at Alistair R we refute the idea that the cufflink is solely a mans accessory. We're fans of self expression, no matter the gender, and below we've pulled together four of our favourite cufflinks looks for ladies. 



In a conservative or formal environment, matching your necklace and cufflinks is a subtle show of being organised and co-ordinated.

Lapis Lazuli Cairn Cufflinks - £495

Lapis Lazuli Mini Round Necklace -  £90

(We also have Cairn Lapis Lazuli Necklace - £180)

Power Play

In additional to looking incredibly sharp, these bullet shaped cufflinks are made of black onyx, a stone which is said to aid will power and emotional strength

Black Onyx Garreg Cufflinks - £295

(optional match - Black Onyx Barrow Bar Pendant - £180)

Play with Colour



Whether it is against the backdrop of a bright outfit or a formal suit and plain shirt, inject a hit of colour using bright gemstone cufflinks. 

Bourn Cufflink in Malachite - £170

Keep it classic

    Sometimes the oldest rules are the easiest to play by. Subtle monochrome jewellery is enduringly popular for a reason. Paired with well fitting white shirt, the epitome of simple style. 

    Barrow Cufflinks in Donegal Granite - £280

    (optional match - Donegal Granite Barrow Necklace - £180)