Limited Edition Torran Cufflink Chrysocolla

About the product

These one-off cufflinks are carved from rough stone by our founder. Out of the piece of stone we had we were able to create only this one pair of cufflinks. 

Made in the design of our Torran collection the cufflink is made of a single dome shaped  piece of Chrysocolla which has been counterstruck at the back into our unique A-frame link design. This link is cast out of a single piece of silver with no moving parts and is designed to be easy to put on and sit comfortably all day.  Designed to showcase the natural beauty of the stone, no part of the setting is visible on the outside of the cuff. All Alistair R silver cufflinks are hallmarked with the 925 Sterling Silver mark and our unique Alistair R makers mark. The stone measures 18mm (diameter) and stands 12mm in height.

About the stone

Chrysocolla is a blue-green gemstone, found in areas where copper is present. This particular stone was bought by our founder while on holiday in Peru. Of the six pieces brought back we were able to create only this pair of cufflinks. (You can read the story in our Blog: Working with rough stone for cufflinks)

Chrysocolla which is turquoise in colour is one of the natural birthstones of those born in spring. It is also thought to be calming, reenergising and a stone of prosperity.

About the packaging

Cufflinks are shipped in a cufflink box, with an elegant gift envelope and gift card enclosed.