Cube Necklace - Mother of Pearl

About the product

Simple and elegant, this Mother of Pearl cube necklace is made in our UK workshop. Carved by hand the 10 x 10 mm cube shape is set to fit onto a 45 cm long 9 Carat Gold necklace.

About the stone

A classical jewellery material, mother of pearl is taken from the shell of the pearl oyster and we obtain ours from sustainable sources. Known for its creamy white iridescence, it is an enduring and elegant material for jewellery. Mother of Pearl is made of iridescent layers and each shell differs in depth, due to this each cube is individual and will have a mix of plain iridescent sides and more patinated sides, with tinges of yellow or fine grey lines. Each is a wonderful example of natures beautiful imperfections.

About the packaging

This necklace will be shipped in a black jewellery box