Squares Labradorite

About the product 

Made in the UK, our square gemstone pendants are made of a semi precious stone measuring 12 x 12 mm which has been drilled to fit onto your choice of chain. Pick from a  plated circular cable necklace - available in 42 or 45cm lengths or a  silver snake chain.

About the stone 

Labradorite (named after the Canadian region, not the dog) is a form of feldspar originally discovered in Labrador, Canada. Labradorite can be an iridescent stone; the myriad of crystal planes in the rock cause light to be refracted giving it beautiful angular monochrome tones with occasional flashes of turquoise blue or yellow depending on the stone.

About the package 

Our cable  necklaces are shipped in a high quality black gift envelope and snake chain pieces in a black jewellery box

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