Bailey Cufflink Tiger's Eye

About the product

Our luxury cufflinks are handmade in our UK studio. The Bailey collection is made of a rectangular stone set into a minimalist channel setting in our unique A-frame link design. This link is cast out of a single piece of silver with no moving parts and is designed to be easy to put on and sit comfortably all day.  All Alistair R silver cufflinks are hallmarked with the 925 Sterling Silver mark and our unique Alistair R makers mark. The cufflink face measures 20mm x 10mm.

About the stone

Tiger eye is a beautiful golden to brown gemstone with undulating bands of colour through it. This variety, sourced in South Africa, has a silky, lustrous appearance. Tiger eye is most commonly cut into cabochons (rounds) but we loved how the banding shows when we cut the stones flat in our workshop. Tigers eye cufflinks pair well with autumn colour outfits or country attire.

About the package

Cufflinks are shipped in a cufflink box, with an elegant gift envelope and gift card enclosed.