Geometrics Lapis Lazuli Apostrophe

About the product 

Our geometric lapis lazuli necklaces form a collection, but each is a unique shape carved by hand from rough stone in our UK workshop. This apostrophe shaped piece of  Lapis Lazuli with tonal white calcite and pyrite inclusions measures 47mm high and weighs 36 carats  The stone has been drilled to fit a choker style gold vermeil cable necklace. This contemporary Lapis lazuli pendant is a strikingly elegant piece, suitable for casual or formal attire. Chose from a 42 or 45 cm length of gold vermeil cable, or 18ct gold. As 18ct gold pieces are specially ordered, we are unable to accept returns.

About the stone 

Lapis Lazuli is perhaps the best known gemstone. A mineral prized by royalty and artists throughout history for its vibrant ultramarine colour. Most Lapis Lazuli is mined in Afghanistan, and it comes in many variations, from light to dark shades and including flecks of gold pyrite or calcite which make it resemble the sky with stars of swirling clouds.

About the package 

This necklace will be shipped in a black jewellery box

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