Pink Opal Necklace on 18 Carat Gold

About the product

This stunning piece of gem quality Pink Opal has been carved into a fine teardrop shape and is suspended from an 18 carat gold cable necklace.  The coming together of the strands into a single (detachable) bayonet fitting in the stone  creates a striking and elegant line around the neck that complements the shape of the stone.  It also allows the necklace and stone to be separated for safe storage and transit.  The necklace is attached/detached by way of an 18 carat gold double clip clasp behind the neck which is easy to fasten and unfasten securely. The 31 carat stone (includes 18 carat gold connector insert) is 47mm long with a maximum diameter of 12mm. Necklace length 50cm

About the stone

Sourced only in Peru, pink opal is a rose colour opaque gemstone. Thought by some to be a stone representing hope and healing, opal stones are also a birthstone for October birthdates.

About the package

Supplied in a custom made black leather case embossed with our Infinity logo.