Boulder Opal and 14 Carat Gold Necklace

About the product

A stunning Boulder Opal pendant. Simply drilled, it is fitted to a 14 Carat yellow gold multi-strand circular necklace. The necklace is 42 cm in length. The stone measures 34 mm (height) 15 mm (width) and 9 mm (depth) and weighs 15.5gm

About the stone

Boulder Opal is a unique and beautiful type of Opal found only in Queensland, Australia. It is characterised by the marbled effects of blues, purples and green tones in the ironstone boulders it occurs in. This particular piece has beautiful blue tinged opaque surface, showing flashes of red and purples from underneath - a fantastic example of nature's beautiful inspiration.

The gemstone Opal is birthstone for October birthdays and also is the stone for the Libra horoscope (September 23rd - October 22nd)

About the package

Supplied in a custom made black leather case embossed with our Infinity logo.